I'm a miniature pony

Pfft... no


I don’t feel good

i’m going to blame you and all the other sick English majors in our grammar class for giving me a sore throat

Someone in my English grammar class is a fan of Supernatural and gave a presentation about it. And I was like “holy crap… why aren’t we discussing the show right now? let’s be discussion buddies.”


I’m going to call this assassin “The Christmas Soldier”.

Red and green, man. Red. And. Green.

I have three games I need to review and one I play for fun.

But do I play those games?


I also have to type up my English grammar homework.

Have I done that yet?


What do I do?

I waste my time looking up my favorite tags on tumblr…


The moment you meet a tumblr user in real life:

And now you are forever conflicted…